Premium & natural finish gourmet food

As lover of the good and the pure taste we like to substend a real culture of food pleasure to the mass of trivial and flavorless products of the food industry. We are specialised on the production and distribution of high class natural finish deli food. Our quality standards are very high, but also naturalness and sustainability in cultivation and production are vital criteria to us. Some of our delicacies carry the European seal for organic food.

Only taste and freshness are important. Our products neither contain preservatives nor colorants. Our high aspiration to quality is at your advantage as a quarantee for the satisfaction and the gusto of your clients.

Distribution pool for wine

As distribution pool Carta Magna only supplies dealers and importers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If you are from another country please ask about your possibilites. With some of our winery partners we might be able to find a solution for you to directly cooperate with the estates.